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What to keep
in your car


Essential fluids like oil, brake fluid, and coolant


Funnel to pour in fluids


Garbage bag

Jumper Cable

Jumper cables


Basic tool kit


Emergency Kit
for Your Car


Flashlight for night stops or to see into engine crevices


Traditional first-aid kit for minor cuts and injuries


Spare tire and appropriate jack and lug wrench

Water Bottle

Canteen or bottled water in case of breakdown

Salt Pile

Salt, sand or kitty litter for traction for if tires get stuck in mud or snow


Small shovel to dig out snow

Folded Blanket

Blanket for warmth during winter travel

Cell Phone Charger

Cell phone charger

How to diagnose minor issues

  • Check owner’s manual for warning or emergency light meanings
  • Clicking or a slow crank may mean a weak or dead battery
  • Difficult or delayed car starts caused by malfunctioning fuel injectors and spark plugs
  • Squeals and screeches may be the result of worn brakes
  • Steering issues or worn tires may stem from improper wheel alignment
  • Quick ticking when using turn signals is often caused by burned-out light bulb
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