Starting at Wocl Leydon in September 2015 (immediately after she graduated from college), Erin has now been with the firm for nearly three years. In fact, it will be three years this September. She is a legal assistant working with the products liability team. Her inquisitive nature, her love of reading and research, along with her skills in analytical writing have made her a natural fit for this practice area and the types of cases it involves. Looking back, Erin says, “I didn’t put those activities together with this kind of work in the legal field until I started working here. And then, I realized how well the profession aligns with the type of work I like to do.”

When she thinks about her work and the Wocl Leydon family, Erin says, “I love what I do because I get to come into an office full of genuinely good people and do work that I not only enjoy, but also has a meaningful impact on people’s lives.”

She believes that one of the best parts of her job is that she is fortunate that she is able to use her skills, do different things every day, and to help people. She talks about the family at Wocl Leydon, saying, “There’s an old piece of relationship advice that goes something like, ‘Don’t look at how they treat you, look at how they treat service workers, because that will show their true character,’ and I think that Wocl Leydon’s wonderful treatment of the staff shows how much the firm values and cares about every person they work with.”

Erin has thought about the future and possibly pursuing a career in the law. Her work at Wocl Leydon continues to feed her interest in the law, her search for knowledge, and her desire to help people. She has seen how many of the attorneys at the firm started out at the firm in similar positions prior to going to law school and continued to work there through school or came straight back into the firm as associates upon graduation. So, she is weighing her options and has begun to think about setting her sights on law school. Who knows, you may see her name on the list of Wocl Leydon’s attorneys one day!

When she is away from her Wocl Leydon family, she enjoys cooking, true crime podcasts, and going to pub trivia nights with her boyfriend. (Her inquisitive mind never stops!)  She is “Mom” to a wonderful black cat, Millie, who is convinced she’s really a dog and she actually got through connections at Wocl Leydon!

Wanting to make a difference in the Stamford community, Erin has also worked with the Ferguson Library’s Event Planning Committee to increase outreach and events targeted at young professionals in Stamford. Her time at work and her time at home are always focused on using her best skills to help others. She never quits!