Working full-time throughout her entire college career, Shernice showed an incredible work ethic, the drive and determination to succeed, and the understanding that nothing in life is free. It was her last position while in college at the City of Bridgeport Attorney’s Office and Office of Labor Relations that truly fueled Shernice’s love of the law and her desire to help others. There she worked drafting legal memoranda and grievances. She also assisted the city attorney in developing and writing contracts and complaints for meetings. In addition, she attended negotiations and recorded meeting minutes for the city attorney’s reference. But it was the research, analysis, and summarizing of legal information that the city attorney would use in negotiations that Shernice enjoyed working on the most. She had been bitten by the legal bug!

So, in May 2016, Shernice joined the Wocl Leydon family as a legal assistant. Since then, she has worked to help the attorneys and her fellow staff members by reviewing, summarizing, and organizing medical records. She puts her amazing organizational skills to work by keeping the attorneys’ calendars straight with regards to depositions, travel schedules, trial calendars, and daily meetings (all of this a full-time job in and of itself!) And, one of the best parts of her job, she keeps the clients regularly updated on the status of their case. Interacting with the clients and knowing that she and the rest of the team at Wocl Leydon are helping them in their time of need truly bring her great satisfaction and a feeling of a job well-done.

Her job isn’t a job because she loves what she does. “I believe everyone has a calling, and I think a major part of my life has been me trying to help others however I am able to. I love my job because I get to aid my boss in helping those who cannot help themselves,” Shernice said.

The other thing that makes her job so special is that for Shernice, working at Wocl Leydon is working with her family. Everyone is invested in not only seeing someone succeed at work, but also in seeing that they succeed in their personal life as well. She feels lucky to have found a job like this.

When she thinks about what makes Wocl Leydon so special, Shernice said, “I started a day after I graduated college, and it was one of the best decision I made. Ironically, I am both the youngest in the office and the one that has been working here the least amount of time. I believe our bosses make this place a unique place to work in. Anytime I tell my friends the atmosphere of the workplace and the understanding and compassion that comes along with it, they cannot believe there are places like this that exist. And most times when I relate an anecdote about my boss or my job, most people comment that I have great boss or great job.” Still researching her options and evaluating the best timeline, Shernice is still considering pursuing a law degree and a more “intense” career in the law.

When she isn’t spending time working with her Wocl Leydon family, Shernice enjoys reading, swimming (of course, when it’s not below freezing), shopping, and trying new foods. She loves to travel and has enjoyed exploring just a little bit more in 2018. In addition, Shernice’s love of helping others is fulfilled by being a mentee for a youth outreach program in Bridgeport. She sees this as another of the “great decisions” in her life because it allows her to give back to the community that gave to her while she was growing up.