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How do I file a medical malpractice claim in Connecticut?

When the unthinkable occurs, and you or someone you love suffers due to the mistake of a medical professional, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. Most people don’t know precisely how to go about filing a medical malpractice claim or the steps involved in doing so. Here in Connecticut and elsewhere, there are some basic guidelines that may be helpful.

What is nursing home abuse?

Some of the most vulnerable people in our society are the elderly. Their advanced age often brings many different physical and mental ailments that can make them susceptible to being taken advantage of. Sometimes, this occurs in a place that should be a safe haven for seniors -- nursing homes or elder care facilities. Nursing home abuse is a far-too-common problem in Connecticut that unfairly targets those who may not be able to help themselves. If you have a loved one living in a nursing home that might have suffered abuse, you may not know exactly what it is or how to recognize it, but the following information may answer some of your questions.

Medical malpractice claim made after dental procedure

When thinking of a potential medical malpractice suit, what often comes to mind is a surgery gone wrong or a physician who is negligent. However, medical malpractice can also encompass other areas, such as dentistry. Connecticut residents may be interested in the story of one out-of-state woman who filed a claim against her dentist after she says he botched her treatment.

Hospitals, drug companies can be liable in medical malpractice

People entrust medical professionals with their care to treat them when they are not well. The relationship between these two entities may be easily upset if a patient ends up being harmed by the action -- or inaction -- of a healthcare worker. When such a situation arises, Connecticut patients or their families may wonder who can be held responsible. While doctors and nurses might first spring to mind, another possibility is that medical malpractice claims can be filed against anyone who provides healthcare services.

Woman says she was given wrong drug by pharmacy

When people here in Connecticut need medical treatment, they will likely interact with a great number of medical professionals throughout the entire process -- not just physicians. Each person is trusted to provide their expertise to the best of his or her ability in the aim of making the patient well again. If the patient receives the incorrect treatment, the effects can be very harmful or even result in the patient’s death. One out-of-state woman says that’s what happened to her when a pharmacy provided her with the wrong drug.

Husband files wrongful death suit after wife dies post-surgery

When people need surgery, they put their trust in the medical professionals in the operating room to make them well again. There are a number of people involved in the entire procedure, and while that fact often serves to maximize a patient’s treatment, it can also cause confusion. Connecticut families may be interested in the case of one out-of-state woman who died a few years ago after -- as her husband alleges -- a surgery resulted in complications that were not quickly resolved. The husband is now pursuing a wrongful death suit.

Failure to diagnose results in loss of all four limbs for woman

Patients trust their healthcare providers to treat them with the best professional standards possible. They rely on doctors and similar medical workers to provide an accurate diagnosis, options for treatment and inform them of possible alternative conclusions. Unfortunately, patients are not always given the right information to make the best decision for their own care. This is what one family says happened to a woman who lost all of her limbs due to a failure to diagnose her condition. Connecticut residents may be interested in this case even though it occurred out-of-state.

Parents file wrongful death claim in infant son's death

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting event for parents. If something goes wrong during or immediately after the delivery, parents may struggle for answers as to what could have been done differently that might have helped their child. Connecticut readers may be interested in the story of two out-of-state parents who say that the mistakes of several healthcare facilities and a doctor were responsible for the death of their infant son. They have now filed a wrongful death claim on their behalf and on behalf of their baby.

Family files medical malpractice suit in relation to boy's death

Connecticut parents trust physicians to care for their children to the best of their ability, but a mistake can mean the difference between life or death. The loss of a child is devastating in any circumstance, but it can be especially painful when it may have been preventable. One out-of-state family is experiencing just such a tragedy after they say the errors of medical professionals resulted in the untimely death of their son, and they are pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Woman sues over mother's missed cancer diagnosis

A diagnosis of cancer is a serious one, but it is not always an ending. Many people are treated, go into remission and live full lives if the cancer is caught in the early stages. Connecticut families may be interested in the story of a woman who lost her mother due to a missed cancer diagnosis that she says could have prolonged her mother’s life.

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