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Inductions may prevent Connecticut birth injuries

On average, women carry a fetus for approximately 40 weeks. In some cases, however, an induction performed by a medical professional may be advised prior to the woman reaching 40 weeks' gestation. Larger babies, for example, are at risk of experiencing shoulder dystocia, a condition in which the baby becomes stuck in the birth canal after the head has been delivered.

Adoption of safety measures shown to reduce childbirth injuries

In Connecticut and throughout the U.S., fatalities and injuries suffered by mothers and newborns during childbirth are regarded as some of the most serious issues hospitals must improve upon. These injuries not only result in personal strife but also financial complications for both hospitals and individuals. Fortunately, a large number of hospitals are greatly reducing rates of injuries and fatalities by adopting basic safety programs.

Vacuum and forceps-assisted birth delivery

Women who are expecting in Connecticut might wish to understand when a forceps delivery may be necessary. Often, additional help in delivering the baby may be needed, regardless of whether the cervix has become fully dilated or not. In this situation, a physician may determine that either vacuum-assisted or forceps delivery is mandated.

Medical malpractice claim made after dental procedure

When thinking of a potential medical malpractice suit, what often comes to mind is a surgery gone wrong or a physician who is negligent. However, medical malpractice can also encompass other areas, such as dentistry. Connecticut residents may be interested in the story of one out-of-state woman who filed a claim against her dentist after she says he botched her treatment.

Emergency room errors blamed re man's leg amputation

Healthcare professionals are trusted to make quick decisions about a patient's required care. Connecticut families do not typically have the broad knowledge of someone with proper medical training, and they must rely on those with more expertise and experience. Sadly, emergency room errors can still occur, and they can cost patients their well-being or -- in extreme cases -- their life. One man from out of state says the negligence of the professionals who treated him has negatively changed his life forever.

Medical malpractice suit filed by nail technician unable to work

People place a great deal of confidence in the medical professionals that treat them. Considering most Connecticut residents don’t have extensive medical knowledge, they rely on their doctors and nurses to give them the best health care possible. If a physician fails to act when time is of the essence, it can have long-lasting detrimental effects for patients. One out-of-state woman had just such misfortune when -- according to her -- her doctor neglected to administer proper treatment in a timely manner. She is now suing him for medical malpractice in the hopes that she can regain a sense of normalcy in her life.

Parents say son's cerebral palsy result of medical malpractice

Parents look forward to the arrival of a new baby. The time leading up to delivery is filled with excitement and anticipation. What many Connecticut parents may not expect is for their child to be affected by birth-related complications, sometimes leading to injury or cerebral palsy. One family from out of state faces this very situation, and they blame the negligence of medical providers for their son’s disability.

One hospital blamed for three cases of cerebral palsy

The arrival of a new baby is cause for excitement. Connecticut families joyously plan for their new addition to love and raise. They trust healthcare providers to care for the mother and newborn. Unfortunately, things may not go as planned, and babies can suffer serious, life-changing injuries at birth due to the negligence of those entrusted with their care. Three different families are in the process of suing a hospital from another state that they say caused their children to develop cerebral palsy.

Several medical professionals accused of causing man's injuries

Patients rely on their doctors to give them the best care possible. Doctors, in turn, rely on other medical professionals -- nurses, technicians and others -- to help them with their duties. If one link in the chain malfunctions, everything can come apart. Caregivers can and do make mistakes and patients are the ones who end up paying the price for that negligence. A recent case highlighted just how important communication between medical professionals is and though it occurred out of state, Connecticut residents can learn from this unfortunate event.

Medical treatment determined inadequate in malpractice case

Here in Connecticut, residents trust their medical professionals to treat them with the utmost in care when they have a health problem. Sadly, all too often, that trust is compromised as mistakes can happen during medical treatment. In an out-of-state case, a jury found that a man's physician liable for the loss of the patient's foot after improper treatment.

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