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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Connecticut

spinal cord injury X-ray

Severe accidents can have life-altering consequences. A truck collision can leave a victim permanently paralyzed. A construction accident can leave someone in a coma or cause brain injury. A workplace injury might result in a slipped disk, leaving the worker unable to work or perform routine daily activities.

When spinal cord injuries are caused by negligence, the careless parties should be held fully accountable. At the law firm of Wocl Leydon, LLC in Stamford, Connecticut, we represent people who are injured by the negligent or reckless behavior of others. Our attorneys are recognized throughout the state for providing exceptional representation for seriously injured people.

If someone you love has suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident, contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you understand your potential legal remedies.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Connecticut Accidents

Personal injury claims are often effectively resolved through negotiation. However, when insurance companies refuse to provide full and fair compensation for our clients, we are prepared to take our cases to trial. As experienced litigators, we are able to effectively enforce our clients’ interests in the courtroom.

We see a trial as an opportunity to educate jurors about the true costs and consequences of a serious injury. A spinal cord injury can affect every aspect of a person’s life. A ruptured disk or herniated disk may limit an injured person’s quality of life and limit activities. It is absolutely essential that the jury understands these effects.

Spinal cord injuries are commonly described at the level in the spinal cord, or group of vertebrae, that is damaged in an accident. Starting with the highest level, the different sections are the following:

  • Cervical vertebrae: Most commonly referred to as the neck, this is the highest group of vertebrae that surrounds the spinal cord. This segment of the spinal cord controls the back of the head, the neck, the shoulders, the arms, and the hands.
  • Thoracic vertebrae: As the upper back, this segment of the spinal cord controls the chest muscles and the upper portion of the abdomen.
  • Lumbar vertebrae: This level is commonly referred to as the middle of the back, and tends to take the brunt of many injuries. This segment of the spinal cord controls the lower abdomen, lower back, legs, and sections of the external genitals.
  • Sacral vertebrae: As the lower back, this segment of the spinal cord controls parts of the legs, the feet, and the majority of the external genitals.
  • Coccygeal vertebrae: As the lowest segment of the spinal column, or the tailbone, this segment is responsible for sensations felt from the skin on the lower back.

Injuries to any section of the spinal cord can have devastating and long-lasting consequences on an individual’s entire life. Many individuals feel an immediate impact following a spinal cord injury such as numbness, weakness, paresthesia, loss of sensation, and loss of fine motor skills. Skilled surgeons can attempt to correct the damage through intricate surgeries, including:

  • Discectomy: the removal of the herniated disk material to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord
  • Laminectomy: the removal of a portion of vertebral bone, referred to as the lamina
  • Spinal fusion: the joining of two or more vertebrae to eliminate pain caused by the abnormal motion of the spinal column
  • Spinal fusion with instrumentation: a fusion including the insertion of rods and screws into the vertebrae

These surgeries are delicate procedures and carry their own risks. While medical professionals continue to refine their techniques through new studies and new technology, these steps should not be taken unless you have a clear understanding of the risk involved.

Contact a Connecticut Spinal Cord Injury Attorney for Help!

Our lawyers can skillfully describe and demonstrate the ways in which serious injuries impact our clients’ lives. When appropriate, we will create “day in the life” videos, to illustrate the ways in which our clients’ lives have changed following serious accidents.

As necessary, we work with accident reconstructionists, medical experts, and economists to further develop legal claims. Past jurors have commented on our ability to explain complex medical issues in an understandable manner.

For more information about a personal injury claim stemming from a serious brain injury or spinal cord injury, contact our offices via e-mail or call us at 203-333-3339 today to schedule a free consultation.

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