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Types of Problematic Pelvic Mesh

Image of Mesh

Manufacturers of mesh implants with known complications include: Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, and Covidien.

Image of Mesh with Air flowing through

Pelvic meshes can erode with time and extrude into organs.

Symptoms of Transvaginal Mesh Complications

  • Severe, debilitating pain
  • Pressure in abdomen or bladder
  • Incontinence or bladder evacuation issues
  • Vaginal scarring and pain
  • Intimacy issues (for example, pain during intercourse)
  • Recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse or severe urinary incontinence
  • Organ perforation

Note What damages can I claim?

  • Medical expenses from corrective surgery and treatment of symptoms
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages and other financial harms

Are Surgical Mesh Complications Due to Malpractice or Product Liability?

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Surgical mesh complications can result from product malfunction or defective design. This would give rise to a product liability claim.

Medical container

Surgical mesh complications can result in malpractice if a surgeon improperly implants mesh products or if a physician does not properly warn of product risks.

How to Determine Liability for Defective Surgical Mesh

  • An experienced transvaginal mesh complications lawyer can walk victims through each step.
  • Medical records including product information and imaging scans are often necessary.
  • If medical malpractice is not likely, then determining implant malfunction is the next step.
  • Certain products known for defectiveness, which may make it easier to establish product liability.

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