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Stamford Whiplash Injury Attorney

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We have all seen television sitcom gags about a person wearing a neck brace, faking whiplash after a minor fender bender. There is a myth that whiplash and other connective tissue injuries are not serious. The truth is, when struck from behind in a rear-end collision, the sudden whipping action to the head can result in serious brain injury, as well as neck, shoulder and upper back injuries that can result in a lifetime of pain and immobility. If not treated properly, whiplash injury victims often demonstrate a higher incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome, as well.

Do You Have Whiplash After a Car Accident?

The term “whiplash” is not actually a medical diagnosis. The physiological description of the injury is known as cervical acceleration-deceleration, or CAD. The injury results from the sudden extension or contortion of the neck muscles and cervical vertebrae running from the brain stem to the upper back. When diagnosing and prescribing treatment for the pain and immobility associated with the injury, medical professionals commonly use the term whiplash-associated disorders (WAD). Studies have shown that women, in particular, are subject to more severe whiplash injuries due to the lower upper body and neck musculature.

If you were struck from behind in a rear-end collision in Stamford, don’t take your injuries lightly. Seek appropriate medical attention for your injuries. In particular, make sure you have not suffered a closed head injury, caused by the sudden acceleration and deceleration of your brain during the accident.

Stamford Whiplash Injuries Lawyer

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The insurance adjusters responsible for covering your injuries are likely to do everything possible to lower their company’s liability for paying a settlement. That’s their job and most of them do it very well. To learn more about your legal options for recovering full and fair financial damages for your injuries, call a personal injury trial attorney at Wocl Leydon. We have offices in Stamford and Bridgeport for your convenience. If your injuries prevent you from traveling, we can often make arrangements to meet with you in your home or hospital room.

Leading Whiplash Injury Lawyers in Stamford

We are recognized among Stamford’s pre-eminent personal injury law firms, fighting only on the side of victims of another party’s negligence. We do not represent insurance companies. We rely on medical experts and life-care specialists to prepare the strongest, clearest evidence that your whiplash injuries are very real, indeed.

From our offices in Stamford, our lawyers represent clients in catastrophic injury litigation cases throughout Connecticut. Call us at 203.517.0456 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced Stamford whiplash injury attorneys today.

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