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May 2014 Archives

Medical malpractice suit filed by nail technician unable to work

People place a great deal of confidence in the medical professionals that treat them. Considering most Connecticut residents don’t have extensive medical knowledge, they rely on their doctors and nurses to give them the best health care possible. If a physician fails to act when time is of the essence, it can have long-lasting detrimental effects for patients. One out-of-state woman had just such misfortune when -- according to her -- her doctor neglected to administer proper treatment in a timely manner. She is now suing him for medical malpractice in the hopes that she can regain a sense of normalcy in her life.

Parents say son's cerebral palsy result of medical malpractice

Parents look forward to the arrival of a new baby. The time leading up to delivery is filled with excitement and anticipation. What many Connecticut parents may not expect is for their child to be affected by birth-related complications, sometimes leading to injury or cerebral palsy. One family from out of state faces this very situation, and they blame the negligence of medical providers for their son’s disability.

Medical malpractice claim in patients' possible exposure to HIV?

When patients are being treated at a hospital, they have to trust that the medical personnel who work there will take great care in managing their condition. They rely on doctors, nurses and other workers for medication, meals and other needs. Unfortunately, staying in a hospital can sometimes mean being exposed to other potential health problems, though one would not expect that these threats would be a direct result of medical treatment. Such could be the case with over 3,000 patients at a Connecticut hospital who may have been exposed to several communicable diseases -- including HIV. A medical malpractice claim may be pursued in instances like these where patients want to hold a responsible party accountable for an error that could cost them their lives.

Lyme disease misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary suffering for man

When patients are unable to get proper treatment from a medical professional, it may be due to an incorrect diagnosis. Typically, there may be only one or a few medical professionals involved in a case of misdiagnosis. One man from outside Connecticut who now suffers multiple debilitating symptoms saw nearly 20 doctors before getting the correct treatment for his condition. His family is now left to wonder what might have been if he had received the right diagnosis sooner.

Medical malpractice possible in fatal fungal outbreak at hospital

When children fall ill, most parents will do whatever it takes to make them healthy again. Sometimes there may be an undetected source of harm that their medical professionals fail to notice. Connecticut families may be interested in the story of one out-of-state children's hospital that neglected to contain a fungal outbreak that claimed the lives of several of its patients. In situations like these, a medical malpractice claim could be filed due to the death of a child.

Girl with epilepsy given wrong dosage of a drug

Connecticut parents trust medical professionals to provide the best care possible for their children. When a healthcare provider makes a mistake, the consequences can be dire. Recently, a mother from out of state reported that her daughter received the wrong dosage of a drug she had been taking for a chronic condition that caused the girl some concerning side effects.

Could Legionnaire's outbreak lead to wrongful death claim?

Healthcare professionals here in Connecticut are responsible for the medical care of families who rely on them. When that trust fails, innocent people are at risk. Expanding on a story we first brought you back on March 17 ("Potential wrongful death claim relating to Legionnaires disease"), another case of Legionnaire's disease has been discovered in the same neighboring state as the previous case. The hospital at the center of this newest outbreak may face a wrongful death suit after a patient died due to the disease.

Wife says medical professionals caused husband's death

The death of a spouse can be made especially tragic when it is unexpected. If the possibility exists that someone else is responsible for the spouse's passing, it can be even more troubling. Connecticut families may be interested in the story of an out-of-state woman who lost her husband -- in her opinion -- as a result of the errors of medical professionals charged to his care.

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