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How can people confuse one drug for another?

Some people may not be aware that anyone in Connecticut could receive the wrong medication simply by how the drug's name is spelled. Medicine names are not always very simple, and it is easy to mistake one drug for another just because the word looks similar. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), similar drug names are a real problem and can cause patients to receive the wrong dosage, strength, formulation or the incorrect drug altogether.

People can mistake medication names in many ways. For example, some people may confuse a drug because it is spelled similarly to the correct drug they need. The error can be as simple as mistaking a word that contains a difference of one, two or a few letters from the name of another drug. Since people may not study the name of a drug closely enough to recognize variances in letters, it is easy to not catch the difference.

What are some reasons a c-section would be performed?

In most cases, a vaginal birth is recommended for healthy women whose pregnancies are free of complications. However, doctors recommend that some women undergo a Cesarean birth (also known as a c-section). If you're pregnant in Connecticut and wondering which option is best for you and your baby, the March of Dimes offers the following information on common reasons why c-sections are performed.

You're Having Multiple Births

Is a blood test enough to diagnose cancer?

Failure to diagnose cancer might lead to increased medical expenses and long-term impact on your health due to the spread of disease through your system. Regardless of this well-known fact, some Connecticut doctors might not perform due diligence when ordering and analyzing your laboratory tests.

Some cancers are difficult to detect in their earlier stages, as you might not display symptoms and therefore not be motivated to have a health screening. Failure to diagnose the disease in these situations is unlikely to result in any legal liability on your doctor's part -- and you should probably not blame yourself for not noticing potential signs. However, there are situations in which you could have a valid claim of professional negligence, if you display symptoms in line with a certain type of cancer and specifically request tests, for example.

What makes trucks so dangerous

Many Connecticut drivers feel instinctive apprehension when a large truck appears in the mirror. This reaction has a solid basis to it: commercial trucks can present some specific dangers that ordinary passenger vehicles do not.

Identifying and learning how to minimize the risks from these dangers can go a long way towards keeping you safe on your commute. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anyway, often due to the negligence of other drivers. If you are involved in a car accident, speaking with an experienced attorney can give you more information about your potential case.

When doctors fail to take action

With today's highly advanced technologies, it can be hard to believe that severe medical mistakes continue to happen. However, many of these errors do not involve tools or equipment, but the medical professionals themselves. Human error is a natural part of life for Connecticut residents and the rest of the world, but the failure to take proper action after a mistake has occurred is simply unacceptable. 

The Patient Safety Network defines surgical errors and shares the most common types of mistakes made in the operating room. Most commonly, surgeons perform surgeries on the patient's wrong side; this mistake accounts for 59 percent of all medical errors. The second-most common mistake, according to the PSN, involves the right side of the patient, but the wrong site. The wrong procedure and even the wrong patient were other types of mistakes highlighted in PSN's article. While surgical mishaps are rarer than mistakes such as misdiagnoses and incorrect prescription dosages, they can become incredibly dangerous.      

A closer look at why doctors make mistakes

When people in Connecticut recognize an immediate need to see a doctor, they place a high amount of trust in their medical provider to give them a thorough assessment before making a diagnosis and recommending treatment. However, accidents can happen along the way and in serious cases, doctor errors can result in debilitating injury or even death for unsuspecting patients. 

According to The Washington Post, medical errors can be incredibly serious from doctors prescribing the wrong medication, to mixing up patient's medications, even to performing surgeries on the incorrect body part. In fact, the problem is so serious that medical errors are now the third leading causes of death in the United States. 

What are some common hospital mistakes?

The hospital can be a scary place because you often are going there to have medical procedures done that have a major effect on your health. You expect to be taken care of properly and not have to worry about anything beyond your primary health concern. However, despite all the precautions and safety procedures, mistakes still occur in hospital settings in Connecticut.

According to Consumer Reports, hospital mistakes are actually quite common. Most of these mistakes are due to negligence on the part of hospital staff, and they all are preventable. You can be more proactive in your own care to help prevent these mistakes if you know what to look out for.

What Is a Placental Abruption?

The placenta is an organ that grows during pregnancy that provides your baby with oxygen and nutrients. When it becomes attached from the uterus very serious issues occur, which can harm both mother and child if left unchecked. As illustrated by the Mayo Clinic, recognizing the common signs and risk factors that cause this condition is crucial to ensure treatment is sought immediately should it occur.

What Causes Placental Abruptions?

Take notice of recent Ford recall

Motorists in Stamford, Connecticut who own a Ford Expedition or Ford F-150 pickup truck should take notice of a recent Ford recall the company issued in early April. The recall notice states nearly 350,000 vehicles around the country may be at risk. 

This particular issue comes down to the vehicle's transmission. It may remain in a gear other than the one the driver selected. Therefore, the driver may assume the vehicle is in park, and the dashboard displays this information, when in actuality it could still potentially move. If the driver does not engage the parking brake, then the vehicle may move, possibly causing a car accident. Contact Ford if you believe the recall relates to your truck or SUV. 

What are the most common surgical errors?

Connecticut residents put their lives into the hands of doctors and surgeons when you go in for medical procedures. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and negligence can sometimes play a role. Wocl Leydon, LLC, is here to help you navigate through your medical malpractice case.

Though mistakes can occur during any type of surgery, some are more common than others. Anesthesia mistakes are fairly high in the rankings, for example. This can include administering the wrong type of anesthesia, the wrong dosage, or failing to notice signs of allergic reaction.

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