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Take notice of recent Ford recall

Motorists in Stamford, Connecticut who own a Ford Expedition or Ford F-150 pickup truck should take notice of a recent Ford recall the company issued in early April. The recall notice states nearly 350,000 vehicles around the country may be at risk. 

This particular issue comes down to the vehicle's transmission. It may remain in a gear other than the one the driver selected. Therefore, the driver may assume the vehicle is in park, and the dashboard displays this information, when in actuality it could still potentially move. If the driver does not engage the parking brake, then the vehicle may move, possibly causing a car accident. Contact Ford if you believe the recall relates to your truck or SUV. 

What are the most common surgical errors?

Connecticut residents put their lives into the hands of doctors and surgeons when you go in for medical procedures. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and negligence can sometimes play a role. Wocl Leydon, LLC, is here to help you navigate through your medical malpractice case.

Though mistakes can occur during any type of surgery, some are more common than others. Anesthesia mistakes are fairly high in the rankings, for example. This can include administering the wrong type of anesthesia, the wrong dosage, or failing to notice signs of allergic reaction.

What are heuristics?

You go to your doctor's office in Stamford understanding that despite the advances seen in medical technology in recent years, his or her ability to accurately diagnose you is still somewhat limited by his or her available resources. Still, you expect that the accuracy of the equipment that is available to him or her (coupled with his or her knowledge and experience) will help him or her to, if nothing else, at least come close to identifying your condition or ailment. What you may not know is that much of the decision making that goes into your diagnosis may be based off something else entirely: heuristics. 

What are heuristics? These are rules, patterns and indications that drive decisions and processes in a given industry. A more common way of thinking of them may be to consider them general "rules of thumb." In healthcare, providers rely on heuristics to diagnose patients and develop treatment plans. The way you describe your symptoms will typically trigger what heuristic your doctor will utilize in determining your condition. 

What questions should you ask your pharmacist?

Your doctor has prescribed you a medication to help ease the symptoms you are experiencing. Now, it is time for you to visit your local pharmacy in Connecticut and pick up your prescription. What you may not know, is that your pharmacist can provide valuable medical information regarding your prescription, its use, its potential side effects and what to avoid while taking it. When you ask your pharmacist the right questions, you can be confident that you are using your medication the correct way and you can be aware of what side effects to watch for that require immediate medical attention. 

While you may have already asked your doctor some of the common questions about taking your medication, asking your pharmacist those same questions is a valuable way to verify that you have the correct information. According to the Huffington Post, here are some of the questions you may consider asking:

  • Which foods, beverages and other drugs should I avoid while I am taking this medication? 
  • What adverse effects should I be watching for?
  • If I do not use the entire prescription, what is the safest way to dispose of it?
  • How long should I take the medicine for, at what time of the day and should it be taken with a meal?
  • Is there a specific way I should store the medication?
  • What is the purpose of this medicine and what symptoms should it reduce?

Understanding Erb's Palsy

The advances made in obstetrical medicine in recent years have made childbirth seem likely a relatively routine procedure. Thus, when Stamford clients come to us here at Wocl Leydon LLC after having had to go through the ordeal of a birth injury, the first thing we often look for is an error by their providers. Your newborn baby is so delicate that the need to handle him or her with care typically does not need to be stated. However, that might not stop a doctor or nurse from misapplying force and causing a serious injury. 

One such injury that is often seen in newborns is known as Erb's Palsy. This condition is the result of damage done to the brachial plexus nerves that pass from your baby's spinal cord into his or her arms. It is characterized by visible weakness or an inability to rotate the affected arm. Typically, damage to the brachial plexus nerve occurs if your doctor stretches your baby's head too far to either side during delivery. 

5 common causes of car accidents

Car crashes are unfortunately a common occurrence. Even if you are the best driver in the world, you may get seriously hurt or even die in an accident. If you are in an auto collision, it may be due to the negligence or ignorance of other motorists.

What are the most prevalent reasons that wrecks occur? Here are some of the top reasons for deadly crashes in the United States.

How Can I Recognize That a Nursing Home Is Negligent?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in Connecticut, you no doubt expect the best care possible. Sadly, this is not always the case; while most assisted living facilities go above and beyond in terms of care, instances of neglect and even abuse are all too common. That's why NextAvenue.com urges family with relatives in nursing homes to be on the lookout for the following indications that staff may be negligent.

Mental or Emotional Distress

Studies identify common diagnostic errors and ways to avoid them

A patient in Connecticut cannot get treatment for a condition that has not been diagnosed by a health care provider, but identifying the medical condition may be more difficult than people think. According to AMN Healthcare, research indicates that about 5 percent of the time, doctors miss the correct diagnosis, even though the evidence is available to them.

Sometimes, there is no harm done, but roughly half of those whose conditions go undetected, one in 40 patients, are in danger of experiencing serious health repercussions. How do such serious errors happen? Researchers discovered that much of the problem occurs during or as a result of the patient's visit with the health care provider. The following may lead to a missed diagnosis:

  • The patient does not provide an accurate or complete medical history.
  • The provider does not order the correct tests.
  • The provider misinterprets the results of tests.
  • The provider does not refer the patient to the specialist needed.
  • The patient does not show up for the appointments.

Working through grief after a wrongful death

The death of a close friend or loved one is one of the hardest things to deal with, no matter who you are or who you have lost. When that death occurs through negligence or an avoidable accident, it can be even harder to take because you may be adding anger, confusion and shock to the grief you feel. The legal team at Wocl Leydon respects your feelings. We work compassionately with many survivors who need legal help, whether that entails medical malpractice, medication errors or wrongful death.

According to the American Psychological Association, everyone handles death in a different manner. It may take several months or even longer to adjust to the loss. Grieving is an essential part of the process of coming to terms with the death, and you should be given the time and freedom to cope with the loss in your own way. Research proves that most survivors will deal with their loss and recover on their own when they have the support and time they need to do so.

Medical Technology Must Be Used Properly to Ensure Safety

You expect to be well-taken care of at Connecticut hospitals. However, serious issues can occur, and in some cases these issues are a result of negligence. Technological hazards are just one potential occurrence that can impact patient health and safety. Forbes explains some of the common technological issues that might happen in a health care setting, and how these can prevent you from receiving quality care.  

An endoscope is a medical device that is used to diagnose and treat medical conditions by being inserted into the body. These devices must be properly sterilized to ensure bacteria is not passed from one patient to the other, and many devices are difficult to clean properly due to design. As a result, contamination can occur, and if introduced to another patient it could result in serious illness and the need for advanced medical intervention.

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