Hospital Accused of Wrongful Death and ER Negligence

When a person goes to an emergency room, it is very important that they receive prompt treatment and care. When these things are delayed due to negligence by a medical professional, it can cause extreme harm to a patient. Recently, a hospital in Florida has been sued for wrongful death in connection to alleged emergency room negligence.

The case involves a woman who went to a Florida hospital on December 20, 2008. At that time, the woman reportedly was vomiting blood and experiencing low blood pressure. The woman went to the hospital’s emergency department, where she received care from a physician.

The woman’s husband claims that the care the woman received from the hospital’s emergency department was negligent. First, he claims that the woman had to wait for over an hour before she was seen by a physician. He also argues that the emergency department physician failed to promptly treat and test the woman. Finally, he claims that the doctor failed to consult with other physicians in a timely manner.

The woman died on December 28, 2008. Reportedly, she died from gastrointestinal bleeding. The husband has now sued the hospital. He claims that the emergency room negligence his wife experienced delayed her care and led to her death.

It is very important for emergency room physicians to provide their patients with timely and proper care. Failure to do this could put a patient’s health at risk. It could even cause a patient’s death. Thus, it is very important for hospitals and medical professionals to avoid emergency room negligence like that alleged in this case.

Source: The Ledger, “Man Sues for Wife’s Death While at Winter Haven Hospital,” Robin Williams Adams, 11 Feb 2011

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