Jury Reaches Verdict in Breast Cancer Negligence Case

When an individual suffers from a serious medical condition, like cancer, prompt detection and treatment of the condition can be integral. Thus, it is extremely important for doctors to provide their patients with nothing but quality care when testing for such conditions. Negligent mistakes regarding medical testing can lead to diagnosis errors and treatment delays, which can cause great harm to patients.

Recently, a medical malpractice case involving cancer reached its conclusion. The case involved a woman who received care from a Pennsylvania doctor after masses were discovered in her breasts. The doctor reportedly performed a “fine-needle aspiration biopsy” on the masses to test for cancer. This test reportedly came back negative.

The woman alleged that the doctor was negligent in his conduct after this initial test. Specifically, she claimed that the doctor failed to order follow up tests that he should have.

Reportedly, about a year after the initial biopsy occurred, it was discovered that the woman had breast cancer. She has since undergone mastectomies.

The woman brought a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Pennsylvania doctor in connection to these allegations. A Pennsylvania jury heard this case and recently reached its decision. The jury found that the doctor was negligent and awarded the woman a monetary judgment.

When doctors act negligently when testing patients for cancer or other serious medical conditions, the repercussions for patients can be devastating. For example, such negligence can result in a patient experiencing harmful delays in receiving a correct diagnosis. Thus, one hopes that doctors and hospitals do everything they can to avoid negligent conduct like that found in this case.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live, “Northampton woman awarded $400,000 in breast cancer lawsuit against Bethlehem doctor,” Sarah Cassi, 29 Apr 2011

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