Man Claims Negligent Care at Hospital Led to Him Developing Deep Vein Thrombosis

When a patient receives care at a hospital, they expect that the hospital and its staff will act properly in connection to their care. When hospitals and their staff act negligently in connection to patient care, it can result in patients suffering great harm.

Recently, a medical malpractice case has arisen involving allegations of negligent care. The case involves a man who received care at a hospital in Louisiana in February 2010.

The man alleges that, during the course of this care, he was left on a bedpan for a long period of time. Specifically, he claims that he was left on the bedpan for around four and a half hours. According to the man, this alleged care-related negligence occurred while he was sleeping/sedated.

The man claims that this alleged care-related negligence caused him to develop deep vein thrombosis.

A lawsuit has been brought by the man in a court in Louisiana in connection to these allegations. The hospital, a doctor and a nurse have been named as defendants in this lawsuit. Reportedly, this lawsuit is seeking damages. One wonders what will ultimately happen in this case.

No patient should have to be subjected to negligent care. As the allegations in this case underscore, such medical negligence can be harmful to patients. Thus, one hopes that all hospitals and medical professionals make sure to act properly when it comes to patient care. One also hopes medical professionals and hospitals are held accountable when they commit care-related negligence and such negligence results in a patient suffering harm.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Man sues hospital who allegedly left him on bedpan for over four hours,” Kyle Barnett, Feb. 12, 2013