Misdiagnosis Leads to Woman’s Death

Physicians are tasked with caring for their patients to the best of their abilities. When a mistake happens, it can result in harm to the patient that may be irreversible. A misdiagnosis by a medical professional may even prove to be fatal. These mistakes can happen right here in Connecticut, but a recent example occurred to an out-of-state woman who died as a result of a physician’s failure to diagnose her condition properly.

The woman in this story went to a local emergency room saying she was suffering from chest pain and high blood pressure. Numerous tests were performed but all came back negative. One test that was ordered had to be cancelled when the woman informed her caregivers that she had an allergy to something used in the test. They diagnosed her with pneumonia when she was actually suffering from a lesion in one of her major arteries. She was sent home and died soon afterward.

The lawsuit filed after her death claims that the those in charge of her care should have taken measures to perform alternate tests that would have properly diagnosed her condition. The suit also alleges that her blood pressure was significantly elevated and that, had the caregivers treated that condition, it may have helped with her symptoms from the tear. The hospital itself was not named in the suit but, rather, a physician staffing company.

If a family in Connecticut finds themselves in a similar situation, they may wish to consider civil action against those deemed responsible for the misdiagnosis. If a claim like this proves to be successful, it can result in monetary restitution that could be used for any costs incurred from the tragedy. Hopefully, no one else will have to experience something as devastating as losing a family member to misdiagnosis, but there are ways to seek justice if the worst does occur.

Source: mlive.com, Shiawassee County jury delivers $750,000 verdict after misdiagnosis leads to death, Gary Ridley, Feb. 5, 2014

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