Parents Say Son’s Cerebral Palsy Result of Medical Malpractice

Parents look forward to the arrival of a new baby. The time leading up to delivery is filled with excitement and anticipation. What many Connecticut parents may not expect is for their child to be affected by birth-related complications, sometimes leading to injury or cerebral palsy. One family from out of state faces this very situation, and they blame the negligence of medical providers for their son’s disability.

The child — who is now six — was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was only a 2-year-old. His parents say that the birthing center they chose caused his disability. The baby was born two weeks overdue via C-section, but not before inhaling meconium and enduring a stressful attempt at regular delivery, according to the parents. They say that during the entire process, they were unaware that anything was wrong with the delivery, despite the baby’s heart rate dropping for several minutes.

The parents have filed a lawsuit against several parties involved in the delivery, including two clinics, multiple physicians and the hospital where their son was born. They assert that the pregnancy was completely normal and that their son sustained his injuries during delivery due to the failure of medical professionals to properly care for him. They say that their son will have to endure multiple therapies and medical treatments for the rest of his life.

If a family here in Connecticut feels they are facing a similar situation, they may also decide to file a medical malpractice suit against those believed to be responsible. A claim that is successfully litigated could result in financial relief that could be used for outstanding medical expenses, future treatments regarding the child’s cerebral palsy and other damages as provided by applicable laws. A successful claim may help the family to have a brighter future and be able to fully care for their son.

Source:, “Lawsuit over birth injury: Misfortune or malpractice?”, Saerom Yoo, May 23, 2014

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