What Are the Most Common Surgical Errors?

Connecticut residents put their lives into the hands of doctors and surgeons when you go in for medical procedures. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and negligence can sometimes play a role. Wocl Leydon, LLC is here to help you navigate through your medical malpractice case.

Most Common Type of Surgical Error in Connecticut Hospitals

Though mistakes can occur during any type of surgery, some are more common than others. Anesthesia mistakes are fairly high in the rankings, for example. This can include administering the wrong type of anesthesia, the wrong dosage, or failing to notice signs of allergic reaction.

Wrong site surgeries are also a possible mistake. This includes three separate categories of mistake: operating on the wrong site, performing the wrong operation on the right site, or performing the wrong operation on the wrong person. These incidents, along with leaving objects in the surgery site like sponges or scissors, are less common.

Postoperative care and the potential infections that come with it often play a role in medical malpractice cases. If you receive an infection during surgery because of improperly sterilized equipment, that’s also a matter of negligence.

Finally, failure to pick up on issues as they’re occurring can be considered an act of medical negligence. This includes bad allergic reactions, damage done to internal organs during surgery, or not noticing any postoperative conditions that have arisen.

Contact a Connecticut Surgical Error Attorney Today If You Suffered an Injury During Surgery

If you have been a victim of surgical error, whether through negligence or other mistakes, you may want to visit our web page linked here. You’ll be able to browse through plenty of information related to surgical mistakes and errors, and see what options are available if you’re seeking compensation.

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