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Case Results


Plastic Surgery Malpractice - surgical error by plastic surgeon in performance of inner thigh tuck causing scarring


MVA - passenger in a car injured in minor rear-end crash, neck injury with minor injury with minor impairment affecting earning capacity


Nursing Home - retained foreign object from wound vac for treatment of perirectal abscess


Cancer Malpractice - misdiagnosis of liver cancer - chemotherapy treatment for liver cancer that patient did not have


Medical Malpractice - forceps delivery of fetus resulting in rectocele injury to mother


Orthopaedic Malpractice - failure to diagnose and properly treat fractured wrist by orthopaedic surgeon


MVA - woman injured in rear-end crash injuring lower back requiring future surgery


Nursing Home - decubitus ulcer become infected requiring surgical debridement to remove infection from sacral bedsore

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